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Everyone has a covid-19 post

Weeks into this locked down isolation and no Italy!! Instead, it’s breast cancer and a root canal gone bad. Blah. Rome will be there next year. I’m not so sure about me.

adventures Caterina

Counting down…

I started counting sleeps at the 210 day mark. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much sleep as I would have liked… for me, and all the other humans on the planet. What the Pluto has happened? I can’t mention Italy and everyone wants to talk about a flu strain.
I’m going to get my eyes on some history and art and everyone is talking cancellation. What a time we live in!

As I’ve been saying all along… nothing is going to stop me from fulfilling this dream. I’m off to Rome and Florence and I was thinking Bolzano and north. But maybe to Dubrovnik, after Florence.

I will find a way to stay healthy, although I usually come down with something after a long plane ride. Indeed, I’m more worried about the flight plans than everyday hanging out with the very old architecture and some italian language in my ears.

Architecture… I was thinking about it again. At the moment, I’m living in a brand new development. Indeed I’m going to be living in an even newer phase, across the street, that is yet even a hole in the ground. It is no wonder I am fascinated with the old, with the feeling of stone and marble and granite.

adventures Caterina

50 sleeps

Buonasera. l’emozioni sono grande qui in Victoria.
Temp: Roma 17, Firenze 17 … Presto e primavera

adventures Caterina

Europe 2020

On a day in 1982, I had returned to Canada, after some time in England, Greece, Paris, and Amsterdam. It was the day my pictures were never developed. On that sad day and the next sad weeks, I promised myself I would return to Europe.

Well, life happens. And, only now, am I fulfilling that promise to myself, to return to Europe. But rather than schlepping broken camera gear from country to country, now there is the internet and a camera in my pocket.

On that last adventure, I had only a quick late-night dinner in Verona, on the highway to Athens, via the Magic Bus. And now, for the past 2000+ days, I have had a huge fascination for Italy.

I’m going back to lands of history. My grandmother died in Venice.

I’m not a fan of air transport and the flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam is a long one. Can one do this night flight in one’s pajamas? Then a short rest in Amsterdam and I fly to Rome.

And where is E when I am alone in Rome? You all who know me might be asking? The love of my life is tucked into our house, is still going to school and, of course, missing me, and hoping I’m not spending the retirement fund.

Thoughts of arriving in Rome, alone, have dished some jitters, but doesn’t adventure have excitement? I arrived in London on my own, how different could it be in 2020 in Rome?


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